Stay Ahead of the Resettable Solution with Unismart

Wider Range of
Resettable Models

Resettable Solutions

Stable Performance of
Reset Chips

Save Time and Money with
No Inventory and Delivery

Touchable Screen with Easier Operation
Innovative and Patented Multi-split Jigs
Android System with User-friendly Design
Auto Update Detection in Wi-Fi Connection

Innovative Multi-Split Jigs for Easier Operation

The innovative design of multi-split solution is more cost-effective and flexible to manage. Users can reset various kinds of chips by
replacing the jig installs on the front of the controller.

Innovative Multi-Split Jigs for Cost Saving


The new RF jig for Unismart 3 combines the RF Reset Module together. To save nearly 80% procurement costs now!

Composition of the Unismart System


Credits are tthe "fuel" of the Unismart system. They are consuming as the chips resetting and programming.

Unismart Box

Unismart Box is the core of the whole system. It's continuously updated system enable the functions of resetting, programming, scanning and checking more than 4000 chip models with the coverage of the most popular OEM brands.


Unismart Client is kind of software that used for maintaining credits and the management of second-level customers and credits.

Unismart Chips

A Unismart chip is a semi-programmed chip with an encryption program inside; each chip can be programmed into a number of models by the Unismart Box.

Unismart is Working to Solve the Patent Problem and
Protect the Intellectual Property Rights

Patents for Unismart have been approved in the following countries: China, United States, Japan and Korea; and in Europe, the patents
are under application. Unismart also has been trademarked in many countries and regions all over the world.

Designing Products Responsibly is Our Mission

Apex embracing the challenge of reducing environmental footprint. Unismart effectively reduces waste of single-use chips and encourages people
to choose environmentally friendly cartridges. It was also regarded as an epochal landmark in the remanufacturing industry.

Endless Reset

Unismart can realize the endless reset for cartridge chips if the hardware of the chip is in good condition.

Recycled. Reuse. Reduce.

Reset one more chip and Reuse one more recycled cartridge will make a positive contribution to our environment and preserve natural resources.

Reset one chip you can save 0.24-1.46 liter of water