Replacement Chips for HP W1106A/W1110A/W2060A Series

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03 Apr,2020

About Printer
In May 2019, HP introduced the entry-level monochrome laser printer 136w series and color Laser 179fnw series at the 2019 HP Innovative Commercial Printer Summer New Product Launch Conference. In addition to traditional printing, scanning, and copying capabilities, the easy mobile printing function allows customers to work anytime, anywhere. It is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and home users.

 Consistent performance
 Easy to install in recycled cartridges

APEXMIC helps you seize the market opportunities by providing you with the first-to-market replacement chips solution for the HP W1106A/W1110A/W2060A series. You're welcome to contact us and ask for product samples!
Product List
Product CodeOEM CodeColorYieldRegionFor Use in Printers
ALH-W1003AC W1003AC/103A K 1.5K CHN HP Laser 103a
HP Laser MFP 131a/133np
ALH-W1105A W1105A/105A K 1K MX&LA HP Laser 107a/107w
HP Laser MFP 135a/135w/137fnw
ALH-W1106A W1106A/106A K 1K EMEA
ALH-W1107A W1107A/107A K 1K AP
ALH-W1110A W1110A/110A K 1.5K CHN HP Laser 108a/108w
HP Laser 138pn/138pnw/138p
HP Laser MFP 136w/136a/136nw
ALH-W2060A W2060A/116A K 1K AMS HP Color Laser 150a/150w/150nw
HP Color Laser MFP 178nw/179fnw
ALH-W2061A W2061A/116A C 0.7K
ALH-W2062A W2062A/116A Y 0.7K
ALH-W2063A W2063A/116A M 0.7K
ALH-W2070A W2070A/117A K 1K EMEA
ALH-W2071A W2071A/117A C 0.7K
ALH-W2072A W2072A/117A Y 0.7K
ALH-W2073A W2073A /117A M 0.7K
ALH-W2080A W2080A/118A K 1K CHN
ALH-W2081A W2081A/118A C 0.7K
ALH-W2082A W2082A/118A Y 0.7K
ALH-W2083A W2083A/118A M 0.7K
ALH-W2090A W2090A/119A K 1K APJ
ALH-W2091A W2091A/119A C 0.7K
ALH-W2092A W2092A/119A Y 0.7K
ALH-W2093A W2093A/119A M 0.7K
ALX-1731 006R01731 K 13.7K ME Xerox B1022/B1025
ALX-0679  013R00679 Drum 80K WW
ALX-4346 106R04346 K 1.5K EXP Xerox B210/B205/B215
ALX-4347 106R04347 K 3K
ALX-4348 106R04348 K 3K ME
ALX-4349 106R04349 K 3K
ALX-0664 101R00664 Drum 10K WW
ALS-K200S MLT-K200S K 1K DOM Samsung SL-M2030/
ALS-K200L MLT-K200L K 1.5K
ALS-515SK CLT-515SK K 1.5K DOM Samsung SL-C515/C565FW
ALS-515SC CLT-515SC C 1K
ALS-515SM CLT-515SM M 1K
ALS-515SY CLT-515SY Y 1K
ALS-510SK CLT-510SK K 1.5K Samsung SL-C510/C510W/C513/
ALS-510SC CLT-510SC C 1K
ALS-510SM CLT-510SM M 1K
ALS-510SY CLT-510SY Y 1K
ALH-W1333A 133A/W1333A K 7.4K CHN HP LaserJet MFP M437n/437dn/
ALH-W1333X 133X/W1333X K 13.7K
ALH-W1334A 334A/W1334A K 7.4K HP LaserJet MFP M42525n/42525dn/
ALH-W1334X 334X/W1334X K 13.7K
ALH-CF257A CF257A Drum 80K

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