Replacement Chips for Fuji Xerox CP318 st Series

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28 Oct,2020

About Printer
In October 2020, Fuji Xerox has developed the industry's first gold, silver, white and black toners for use by the company's new A4 color laser printer DocuPrint CP318 st in China. As it has the highest print quality of the same level products, the new machine is suitable for various fields such as retail and service industries that want to produce high-quality promotional materials and DM for customers. 

  Consistent performance
  Easy to install in recycled cartridges

APEXMIC helps you seize the market opportunities by providing you with the first-to-market replacement chips solution for the Fuji Xerox CP318 st series. You're welcome to contact us and ask for product samples!
Product List
Product CodeOEM CodeColorYieldRegionFor Use in Printers
ALX-3317 CT203317 K 2.8K CHN Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP310 st/CP318 st
ALX-3318 CT203318 GLD 2.8K
ALX-3319 CT203319 SLV 2.8K
ALX-3320 CT203320 WHT 2.8K

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