Replacement Chips for Ricoh IM C530 Series

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16 Sep,2020

About Printer
In August 2020, Ricoh released two color laser multifunction printers IM C530F and IM C530FB in Europe and the United States. Delivering brilliant color output at up to 55 pages per minute, the new series can digitize and share documents quickly with advanced scanning or paperless faxing, making the office more efficient.

  Consistent performance
  Easy to install in recycled cartridges

APEXMIC helps you seize the market opportunities by providing you with the first-to-market replacement chips solution for the Ricoh IM C530 series. You're welcome to contact us and ask for product samples!
Product List
Product CodeOEM CodeColorYieldRegionFor Use in Printers
ALR-C530K/US 418236 K 20.5K US Ricoh IM C530F/C530FB
ALR-C530C/US 418237 C 18K
ALR-C530M/US 418238 M 18K
ALR-C530Y/US 418239 Y 18K
ALR-C530K/EU 418240 K 20.5K EUR
ALR-C530C/EU 418241 C 18K
ALR-C530M/EU 418242 M 18K
ALR-C530Y/EU 418243 Y 18K

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