Replacement Chips for HP W1103A Series

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23  Jul, 2019

About Printers

Since June 2019, HP has subsequently released the Neverstop series of A4 monochrome laser printers and MFPs worldwide: the single-function Neverstop 1000a and 1000w and the multifunction Neverstop 1200a and 1200w. These devices use a reload kit that refills an internal tank with toner, it took about 15 seconds to refill the device with toner and offered a "clean refill experience".

1000a/w                                                                                        MFP 1200a/w
Apex Chips

 Consistent performance
 Easy to install in recycled cartridges

Apex helps you seize the market opportunities by providing you with the first-to-market replacement chips solution for HP W1103A series. You're welcome to contact us and ask for product samples!
Product List

APEX Code OEM Code Color Yield Region For Use in Printers
ALH-W1103A W1103A K 2.5K EX.CHN HP Neverstop Laser 1000a/1000w
HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1200a/1200w
ALH-W1103AD W1103AD K 2.5K*2
ALH-W1104A W1104A Drum 20K HP Neverstop Laser 1000a/1000w
HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1200a/1200w
Coming Soon!

Related Models

APEX Code OEM Code Color Yield Redion For Use in Printers
ALH-W1108A W1108A K 2.5K CHN HP Laser NS 1020W(4YE48A)/1020(4YE47A)/1020C(4YE51A)
HP Laser NS MFP 1005C(5NL12A)/1005(4YE52A)/1005W(4YE53A)
ALH-W1108AD W1108AD K 2.5K*2
ALH-W1109A W1109A Drum 20K

For more information about our products, please consult your account manager!