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What is Unismart?

Unismart Cartridge Chip Resetting Solution

Creative Cartridge Chip Recycling Solution
As a convenient chipping system, Unismart boxes are widely used for programming, resetting and testing cartridge chips. Currently, equipped with constantly renewed pre-embedded programs, Unismart can not only program, reset and test Unismart chips, but also reset and test OEM chips.
Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights

APEX holds the right of using the specifically - designed artistic logo "Unismart" and Unismart's software registration. The Unismart system has been awarded patents in several countries, such as US, Europe, Japan, Korea and so on.

Easy Upgrading
By using credit-add and remote operation functions, users can upgrade Unismart friendly, efficiently and conveniently.
Unismart Accessories