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Replacement Chips for OKI B432 Series

2016-12-16 10:00


● In stock now

● ASIC design with consistent performance

● Special size design for B431 series toner cartridges and can directly selling as B432


The structure of toner cartridge B432 and B431 are the same except for the chip slot



                           Installed in B432                                                                               Install in B431



OKI launched B432 series monochrome printers for several regions. The printers support printing, copying, scanning, faxing, etc. The printing speed is up to 42ppm.


Apex released replacement chips for OKI B432 series. The products are in stock now and you are welcome to contact us and ask for samples!


Product List


Apex Code OEM Code Color Yield Region For Use in Printers
ALO-B412K 45807101 BK 3K US OKI B412dn/B432dn/B512dn/MB492dn/
ALO-B432K 45807105 BK 7K
ALO-B432K 45807110 BK 12K US OKI B432dn/MB492dn/MB562dnw/B512dn
ALO-B412K 45807102 BK 3K EUR OKIB412dn/B432dn/B512dn/MB492dn/
ALO-B432K 45807106 BK 7K
ALO-B432K 45807111 BK 12K EUR OKI B432dn/MB492dn/MB562dnw/B512dn
ALO-B412K 45807119 BK 3K ME OKIB412dn/B432dn/B512dn/MB492dn/
ALO-B432K 45807120 BK 7K
ALO-B432K 45807121 BK 12K ME OKI B432dn/MB492dn/MB562dnw/B512dn
ALO-B412K 45807103 BK 3K AU/KOR OKI B412/B432dn/B512/MB472dnw/
ALO-B432K 45807107 BK 7K
ALO-B432K 45807112 BK 12K AU/KOR OKI B432dn/MB492dn/MB562dnw/B512dn
ALO-B412K 45807124 BK 3K CHN OKI B412dn/B432dn
BK 7K JP OKI B432dn
BK 12K




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