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Chip testing equipments

  • Epson III/IV OEM Chip Resetter

    Works for Epson®Ⅲ/Ⅳ OEM chip resetting at your own factory. Chips show full ink and OEM information hints after reset. Click here to find product specification

  • 9-Pin Series OEM Chip Resetter

    Used  to reset Epson 9-pin series cartridge chips. The success rate of resetting can be as high as 100%.

  • L Type OEM Chip Tester

    Used for the testing of HP OEM laserjet chips, and make sure the acceptance rate on machine is 100%.

  • New 7-Pin Chip Tester

    Designed to test new 7-pin chips, minimizing the risks caused by hardware damage during the manufacturing process.

  • Tester for Apex Inkjet Chips (HP364/564/940 Series)

    Designed to test the Apex's HP 364/564/940 series inkjet chips. The general utilization of  the multi-cartridge structure can be realized.

  • Tester for Canon I,II and III Generation Chips

    Used for the testing of  CANON I, II and III generation Apex's chips, ensuring the quality of cartridges.